Privately owned and controlled by Christian S. Dalzell, Dalzell Capital Partners LLC (“Dalzell Capital”) is the owner and operator of commercial real estate properties located in targeted urban centers across the United States. Dalzell Capital aims to acquire high quality properties at a discount to their imbedded value. Once closed, Dalzell Capital improves the operations and operating performance of the underlying property(ies) through hands on management and targeted value-add initiatives. Our efforts result in consistently improved operations that yield solid returns for our investors.

Formed in late 2016, Dalzell Capital employs research-driven investment techniques as well as extensive relationships to source, acquire and improve underperforming real estate with hands-on management and accretive renovations with the goal of recapturing inherent value.

We source opportunities by working harder, thinking more creatively, assessing opportunities more astutely, and acting more quickly to gain an edge over the market on properties that fit our investment profile.

Dalzell Capital is singularly focused on creating, protecting and delivering extraordinary value for its investors while recognizing that our success depends on the support of our relationships and, ultimately, our reputation.

More than anything, Dalzell Capital believes that transparency, honesty and communication represent the foundation of mutually positive long-term relationships.

Privately owned and controlled by Christian S. Dalzell, Dalzell Capital Partners LLC (“Dalzell Capital") is an owner and operator of real assets located in targeted urban centers and/or gateway markets across the United States.

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